Caffeine & Code – Birmingham Edition

I tend to spend most of my time working from home; I have a specific room that I use for working from, and my setup is pretty decent (multiple screens, motorised standing desk, decent office chair), so going outside usually just means avoidable expense.

Now and again though, it’s worth actually venturing out. I actually quite like the white noise of a coffee shop when I’m trying to focus, and occasionally meeting up with others is a nice (if weird, to start off with – there aren’t many other ‘social’ things where you tend to sit quietly and look at a screen) change.

Here are a couple of places that I’ve tried, or have been recommend to me, around Birmingham, UK. Let me know if you have any favourites! I’m especially interested in anything north of Brum, South Staffs – there’s seemingly very little around.

200 Degrees, New Street

I have yet to try this one personally, but brumtech says:

“It’s a few minutes walk from New Street, the coffee is great, WiFi is pretty reliable, but can get a bit noisy over lunch so might want to take some headphones or avoid if that bothers you”

Waylands Yard

Good. Food is great and it’s a bit quieter than 200 Degress

Yorks, Stephenson Street

Apparently the basement is the place to be here.

Second Cup, New St.

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